Email: lizkimbrough @ gmail.com

I wrangle big ideas into clear and compelling narratives. Whether telling the story of the glowing fungi or conveying the vision of your organization to a funder, I embody the narrative and find clear, creative ways to connect to diverse audiences.

As both a scientist and a writer, I have funded my work through grants and fellowships and discovered that I have a knack and for writing and editing grants. I now work as the Grant Writer for Dillard University where I have brought in an average of $100,000 a month in grants.  I am available for freelance and  would love to collaborate with you to tell your story.

Since 2012, I have worked as a freelance science journalist. My passion for bringing science and environmental news to the public arose during my internship for mongabay.org. I have since written over 50 “pop-science” articles for mongabay.org, and other outlets.

As a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Tulane University, my doctoral research focused on the microbiomes of baldcypress trees (microbe nerds unite!) in the context of climate change and finding salt tolerant microbes for potential use in restoration.

Now, I’m excited to be working across disciplines and on project/community development both in New Orleans and internationally.

See My CV for more info.